We all know hard difficult it is to break through the clutter of constant promotional messages targeting your customers today.  Even with the precision of Facebook advertising and Google Adwords, companies need more and better ways to reach customers. Unique and creative ways to break through the clutter.  How can companies, both large and small, gain more mindshare?

Today, there is a revival of traditional mediums, such as custom book matches and custom box matches.  Also traditional – special die cut coasters can be created as a message board for your product.  Companies and marketers need to be creative in their efforts to impress customers.  Matches behave like a billboard in your palm – a Palm Billboard.  They provide dozens of impressions to customers.  They help you gain mindshare.  Left on a counter, coffee table, or mantle, the custom printed matchbook acts as an advertising multiplier – by sharing one single matchbook or box match with multiple customers.

Need help thinking outside the branded product box?  USA Today reports on some creative ways companies are trying to break through the clutter, and also boost profit by selling branded merchandise.  There does not need to be a logical relationship between the imprinted product and the line of business.  Customer loyalty will make the leap to a Colonel Sanders throw pillow or a Coca Cola beaded purse.  The $20,000 Cheetos gem earring necklace set isn’t for every loyal customer, but perhaps their favorite micro-brew on a coaster and complimentary box match?  Rush service and Made in USA, with our promise for quality guaranteed.