Digital Transformation at Atlas Match

Translating Values into Business Strategy You can’t survive in the match industry without having deeply held values.  Not only do we have a long-standing commitment to the industry and matches as the last American producer, but we have 6-core values we live by: Communication Innovation Adaptability Teamwork Dependability Positivity It is no accident that the [...]

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The Staying Power of Advertising Matchbooks

Even in a pandemic, matches are a good choice for restaurant advertising.  What else can you send your customers home with?  A business card doesn’t have the same effect as a real product bearing your restaurant name and logo.  And now, during a pandemic, is the time to customize the message.  Make it personal.  A [...]

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You Might Be A Phillumenist

Do you like to collect keepsakes, to remind you of a special trip or another happy time?  If you do, and your memorabilia of choice is matchbooks, then you might be a Phillumenist. Collectible Matchbooks Collectors love to compare notes, and share details about their collections.  Searching the internet, you can come across any variety [...]

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Happy New Year!

AMERICA’S MATCH COMPANY Almost since the time of its invention in 1892, the matchbook has played an important role in the history of the American promotional products industry. First used as an advertising medium in 1895 when actors from the Mendelson Opera Company in New York City pasted photos and slogans on a couple of [...]

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PPAI Product Safety Awareness – Atlas Match

Responsible sourcing is important today.  Many suppliers and distributors care deeply about the products they provide to their customers and clients.  The concerns depend on the product category and the intended audience.  Atlas Match has committed to product safety and become Product Safety Aware Certified by PPAI. Products intended for children carry a much higher [...]

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Best and Brightest Beer Coasters

NOT JUST ANOTHER PRETTY COASTER Atlas Match knows a lot about function and form.  Beer coasters are not so different from matches.  And for your brew pub or bar, you will probably want to  offer both - beauty and function - to your beer-loving patrons.  For more than 40-years, Atlas Match has made a business [...]

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Drink Coasters Made in USA by Atlas Match

Atlas beer coasters are unique and entirely produced in the USA.  The recycled paperboard used to imprint your custom printed logo is made at paper mills in the Southeast.  Coaster designs are then created in Texas by our in-house graphic artists or by your own art department.  Next, our experienced printers reproduce your promotional message [...]

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