Responsible sourcing is important today.  Many suppliers and distributors care deeply about the products they provide to their customers and clients.  The concerns depend on the product category and the intended audience.  Atlas Match has committed to product safety and become Product Safety Aware Certified by PPAI.

Products intended for children carry a much higher standard of safety than products for the general public.  And within the children category, product safety awareness is specific to the type of product – is it a toy?  is it apparel?

Matches carry their own set of product safety concerns.  The product must be safe, but also ignite as intended.  The packaging must be secure, to contain all of the flammable matches.  The use must be appropriate – bar, restaurant, casino.


Atlas Match Product Safety Aware PSA


We have studied the PPAI courses on Product Safety Awareness.  We have taken the classes:

  • CAS Required Product Safety Basics (90 minutes)
  • Prop 65 and State Regulation (60 minutes)
  • Undue Influence Training (60 minutes)


We want to be responsible suppliers of promotional products.  We work every day to produce a quality product to promote your business.  We use our tried and true formulations to manufacture strong and sensitive match heads.  We blend our striker material to adhere to the outer box or book, and not flake off during use.  Our striker material is formulated to work precisely with our proprietary match head formulation.  We have perfected this process over 80-years of match book production in both New Hampshire and Texas.

In today’s environment it is critical that distributors and clients know what they are purchasing.  Proudly, we include the PSA logo on our website and our advertisements.  We want customers, clients, and distributors to know that America’s Match Company cares about safety and quality.