Almost since the time of its invention in 1892, the matchbook has played an important role in the history of the American promotional products industry. First used as an advertising medium in 1895 when actors from the Mendelson Opera Company in New York City pasted photos and slogans on a couple of boxes of blank matchbooks to promote an opera, matchbooks quickly became one of America’s most popular and widely distributed advertising specialty products.

The owners of Atlas Match just celebrated 80 years of match-making right here in America. We are the leaders of this iconic industry and we are proud to call ourselves America’s Match Company. We invite you, the creative designers and inventive event planners of 2019, to “turn up the heat” in your promotional campaigns with this uniquely effective and uniquely American product. Challenge us to bring matches to a whole new level of sophistication and impact by reproducing the most appealing and innovative designs ever printed on a small surface. Think big! Then miniaturize. Think matches!