Even in a pandemic, matches are a good choice for restaurant advertising.  What else can you send your customers home with?  A business card doesn’t have the same effect as a real product bearing your restaurant name and logo.  And now, during a pandemic, is the time to customize the message.  Make it personal.  A direct connection between you and your customer.  Tell them how you feel, show them you care and are there for them.

Sharing a meal at a restaurant is more than just the nourishment of good food.  As a restaurant owner, you already know this.  You are providing an experience, a comfortable and memorable moment in time.  Your customers may be dining with close family and friends, or it could be an important business meeting.  Mark the occasion for them with a take-away matchbook.  Given them something to remember you and the occasion.

When people are casting about for dinner plans, or even planning out a special evening to celebrate something, you want your matchbook on their mantle or coffee table or dresser.  The frequent familiarity with your logo on the matchbook, coupled with the memories of a pleasant and personal experience, will bring them back again and again.  And now, during a pandemic, as we try to recover personally, civically, and nationally, you need this.  Make the call to get your custom matches.  You can’t afford not to.