Happy New Year!  Visit us at the PPAI show in Las Vegas, January 16th to January 18th.  We are in the same location – next to the food bar and the restrooms – in corner booth #4650.  Stop by to take advantage of show specials.  Learn what is new with Atlas Match in 2018.  Let us tell you how to use matchbooks, box matches, and coasters to break through the clutter and leave your clients and customers with a lasting impression.

Use matchbooks to promote your restaurant, and put the phone number right in the palm of your customer’s hand.  The keepsake will remind them of your restaurant hours, or the phone number to call in a reservation.  Forgotten address?  It is on the matchbook, just take a peek inside the cover.  People collect matches.  So give them a keepsake they will want to take home with them.  Tasting Table, a food and drink enthusiast company, heard from restaurateurs how diners will pick up a matchbook on the way out the door, and not a business card.  Matches are tiny pieces of art.  Matches are a tangible keepsake, to remind you of that delicious meal or that special occasion.  Matches are vintage.  And vintage is trending.

Designers are tying high-end matches into other promotional and branding programs for their clients.  In Atlanta, Georgia, chefs and managers are handing out unique, clever, and carefully designed branded matches that set them apart from others in the local dining scene.  It is a total package designed to leave a lasting impression.

See you in Vegas!