The first step is always to gather your creative ideas, and sit down with the template.  Your creative process might include looking at samples of other matchbooks, browsing the website for ideas, or consulting your marketing plans.  Will your matchbook promotion be part of a single event?  Or maybe a seasonal focus, featuring a summer menu idea or extended hours for your store?  Because the minimums are reasonable (just 5,000 matchbooks) you can order several designs a year.  We can even random pack multiple designs to create the variety you want.

A match cover template is a little different from other layouts.  You will want to imagine the assembled product, to best orient your designs.  Study the template to understand the stay-away areas (where the striker is applied and the staple pierces the cover).  All our templates can be downloaded from  And of course, if you have any questions you can email or call.   Our graphic artists are here to help.

Tips for the designer include:

  • Full bleeds available on the outside cover and the inside cover
  • Images can wrap around the book – from the back to the front flap – for an interesting effect.

    Image wrap back to front flap

    (please note, the image may shift slightly during the assembly process impacting the alignment of the front flap)

  • Borders are not recommended because the slitting process may cause shifting and the border may become uneven
  • Size your image carefully, because images appear larger on the computer screen due to backlighting
  • Avoid placing text where the staple pierces the book

When designing your match cover, take into consideration the paper stock and available upgrades.  Atlas Match uses coated SBS stock, to provide the best quality reproduction of your artwork.  We will print match covers on recycled paperboard (CCNB) if your design requires 100% certified recycled paperboard.  However, for your colors to pop the brightness SBS can’t be beat.  Finish the design off with UV coating to increase the vibrancy of your colors.

Embossing and hot stamping are also available.  Many elegant designs call for embossing.  Please see our online catalog for more ideas about how to layout your match cover.  If you are just getting started with matches, you might want to consider an imprint program.  Pages 4-11 of the catalog feature stock imprint designs.  It is a great way to get started with your promotional program.

We pride ourselves on customer service, which includes helping you layout your design and answering any questions you have.  We want you to love your matches.  We want your customers to hold onto the matches as a keepsake – a memento – of their time spent at your restaurant, bar, or establishment.  It is well worth taking the time up front in your creative process to get the product you want in the end.