Specials – Updated as of 12/27/2019

Box Match Special:  50% Off Custom Multi-Color Pricing

  • FREE Rush Service
  • Low Minimum – just 4,000 boxes
  • BX3 Eurobox – our most popular box match
  • Only $0.185 Each
  • Full Color Printing 
  • Full Bleeds
  • Ships in 10-days or less
  • Vector art please


Toothbox or Matchpick or Toothpick!

  • Quantity:  LOW Minimum just 200 Boxes of 20-toothpicks per box.
  • Print:  CMYK, Gloss Coating, Full Bleeds
  • Price:  $0.30 plus freight
  • Download the template from our site
  • What are you waiting for?


Small Quantity Box Match Offer

Order Just 200 Matchbooks for $0.827 Each

  • Full Color Printing (4CP)
  • Imprint outside and inside included
  • Full Bleed
  • White Match Heads
  • No Setup Fees on Vector Art
  • Ships in 5-days from All Approvals (art and credit)


200 Pieces Custom Printed 4-Color Process.  Artwork must be submitted Vector.

“Low Minimums and On Time Delivery”

We asked distributors what they wanted from Atlas Match.  They all said they wanted low minimums for their customers.  If you are new to matches or toothpicks you might want to start off with a small order.  Try it out.  See how your customers respond.  You will love it!  We know you will.  Our distributors who are working with restaurants, bars, breweries, smoke shops, they understand.  They will help clients get started in matches.  And sometimes the best way is to start small.  

Cue the small quantity program.  We can produce a minimum order quantity (MOQ) for you.  Then you can decide if you are ready to make a larger purchase next time.  Or maybe storage is an issue, and you want to keep ordering in small lots.  

It could also be that you like to change it up.  A lot.  You are full of ideas, and you want a different design on your matches with every order.  That is fine.  We understand.  Like us, you get fired up.  So send in your art, Vector Please!  We will run it CMYK.  And turn it quick.

That is the second piece of distributor advice.  They want us to turn the orders quickly, and deliver on time.  With our small quantity program, the orders ship within 10-days of art/credit approval.  So the timing is really up to you.  Get your art in quickly, we will send a digital proof, and you can say “yea” or “let’s tweak it a bit”.  Once we agree, and you sign, it hits the print shop and production floor.  

The beauty of a minimum order, is that it will move through the manufacturing process quickly.  Like a Golden Ticket, we rush the job ticket from department to department in a red-letter envelope.  Our experienced match makers will process your order quickly and efficiently.  Made in America, right here in New Hampsha’.

Questions about the small quantity program?  Drop us a line, and we will put you in touch with a distributor.  If you are already a distributor, then you know how to reach us.  Still here after 81-years.