Many of us really enjoy the peace and restoration nature brings.  Camping and hiking bring us closer to nature and closer to our own natures.  The Atlas Match 2-Pack Firestarter and Matchbook Kit will help you start your campfire quickly and easily.  Each 6-inch firestarter burns for over 15-minutes.  If you have ample kindling, then break it in half and save the second piece for later.  A customized matchbook is inserted into the kit before sealed in waterproof packaging.  This is a great promotional gift for clients or give-away to advertise your business.  You can even design the matchbook for retail sale in your outdoor adventure or convenience store.  Make it a fundraiser!  Both the matchbook and the firestarters are made right here in Jaffrey, New Hampshire USA.  Contact us today for more information.

2-Pack Firestarter with Custom Matchbook

Firestarters with matchbook
Firestarters with matchbook
Quantity 250 2-Pack Kits 500 2-Pack Kits 1,000 2-Pack Kits
Full Color $1.38 $1.20 $1.02


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