20 Strike Custom Colors

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20 light matchbooks
Quantity 5,000 Books12,000 Books25,000 Books50,000 Books100,000 Books
1 Color$141.20$109.20$90.60$66.10$59.80
2 Colors$165.70$132.10$107.10$80.40$74.60
3 Colors$189.70$154.50$124.10$96.00$89.60
4 Colors$214.10$177.40$141.20$110.80$103.90
Full Color$200.20$165.10$132.10$101.20$94.90
+ for Inside Print$24.60$22.50$16.50$15.00$15.00
+ for Varnish$16.60$15.50$15.50$15.50$15.50
+ for Foil Hot StampN/AN/A$57.00$35.20$25.10
+ for EmbossingN/AN/A$45.90$25.10$19.30

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